Variables and Tool Offsets

Variables and Tool Offsets

In macro pro gram ming gen er ally, and in on-machine prob ing (in-process gaug ing) par tic u larly,

the cur rent val ues of var i ous off sets change fre quently, and have to be con trolled au to mat i cally,

for the most re li able and re peat able re sults This is done through var i ous cus tom made macro pro –

grams and rou tines Into this cat e gory be long two spe cial groups of off sets (also called com pen sa –

tions) that re late to cer tain mea sure ment val ues of cut ting tools:


Tool length angle machine offset

and the related applicable G-codes:

G43, G44, and G49

drilling Machine


Cutter radius offset

and the related applicable G-codes:

G40, G41, and G42

Val ues and set tings of ei ther group of off sets can be read di rectly by a macro pro gram, or writ –

ten to by a macro, us ing the sys tem vari ables of the Fanuc con trol sys tem De pend ing cnc equipment on the

Fanuc model, the us age of these vari ables may be some what com pli cated In or der to or ga notching machine nize the

pro cess, Fanuc dis tin guishes the tool off set ap pli ca tion in a macro by three spe cial groups, known

as the Tool Off set Mem ory Groups Even if a CNC ma chine does not have a macro op tion in stalled

or ac tive, it is a good idea to know what type of off set mem ory the ma chine has This knowl edge

is very im por tant for stan dard CNC pro gram ming as well, and it is sur pris ing how many CNC

pro gram mers and op er a tors do not have a clue of what type of the tool off set mem ory a par tic u lar

CNC ma chine ac tu ally has Chap ter 5 cov ered the sub ject of tool off set mem ory types in suf fi –

cient depth Fo cus of this chap ter will be the re la tion ship of these off sets to sys tem vari ables

The tool off set mem ory groups are re lated to the par tic u lar con trol model, and can be es tab –

lished quite eas ily by look ing at the con trol screen, and press ing the OFFSET but ton key on the

key board The num ber of col umns and the col umn head ings (col umns con tents) will pro vide the

cation, using the topics discussed previously

cation, using the topics discussed previously This is known as zero shift or da Drilling Machine for Plate tum shift

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drilling Machine

Chapter 10

A typ i cal ap pli ca tion of this macro could be a sit u a tion, where the work off set is set to the cor –

ner of a part for the con ve nience dur ing setup, then changed by the macro to the cen ter of a cir cle

(bolt cir cle, for in stance) for the con ve nience of pro gram ming There are sev eral other ways to do

it, angle machine for ex am ple use G52 Our job is to cre ate a macro for the same pur pose In O8007, the added

com ments de scribe what each block does Check the sys tem vari ables for Fanuc 15M ear lier in

the chap ter, so you know what they mean



N101 #1 = #4214

Store the current coordinate system number (54 to 59)

N102 #1 = #1-53

Store the current coordinate system group (1 to 6)

N103 #1 = 20*#1

Calculate the shift value for the current group (based on 20)

N104 #1 Dished Head Punching Machine = #1+5201

Identify the applicable variable number

N105 #[#1] = #5021

Store the current X-axis machine coordinate in new variable

N106 #[#1+1] = #5022

Store the current Y-axis machine coordinate in new variable

N107 M99

Exit macro


The block num ber ing in macro is used for ref er ence only, and is not nec es sary Lo cal vari able

#1 was used, but any other lo cal vari able could have been used in stead, for ex am ple, #33 This is

just one ver sion of the macro, and sev eral oth ers may be used Im prove ments could in clude nested

def i ni tions and per haps a to tally dif fer ent ap proach This ex am ple will be re vis ited later, as one of

the prac ti cal pro jects

Spe cial ‘se cret’ of macro O8007 is the block N102 No tice that an ar bi trary value of 53 is sub –

tracted from the cur rent value of vari able #1 Since #1 stores the cur rent work off set num ber (de –

fined in block N101), sub tract ing 53 from it will re turn a value of

also for the cutter radius

also for the cutter radius:


G43 Z20 H04

Uses tool length offset 04


G01 G41 X50 H34

Uses cutter radius offset 34

drilling Machine


The dif fer ence by 30 off set num bers is strictly op tional, some pro gram mers pre fer 50 It only

sug gests a pos si ble choice that is both suit able and prac ti cal Any other num ber that is con ve nient

is ac cept able, as long as it is within the range of the avail able off set num bers The more off sets are

avail able, the higher in cre ment can be used On the prac ti cal side, de ter mine the in cre ment not

only by the num ber of avail able off sets but also by their prac ti cal na ture For ex am ple, ei ther the

tool length off set or the cut ter ra dius off set may have sev eral val ues for any sin gle tool, in some

ap pli ca tions Which one of them is more likely to have a mul ti ple value in a prac ti cal ap pli ca tion?

Cer tainly the cut ter ra dius off set That means al lo cat ing a larger range of off set num bers for the

ra dius off set than for the tool length off set

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Tool Offset Memory – Type B

The next type of the tool off set mem ory type is the Mem ory Type B It is very sim i lar to the

Mem ory Type A, but on the con trol screen ap pears as two col umns, not one There is a sep a ra tion

be tween the Ge om e try Off set and the Wear Off set As in Mem ory Type A, there is no dis tinc tion be tween the tool length off set num ber, and the tool ra dius off set num ber The ben e fit of this mem –

ory type is that a nom i nal off set value (called the ge om e try off set) can punching machine be in put and any ad just –

ments and fine tun ing are done in a sep a rate col umn, called the wear off set Since the 鈥榝ine-tun ing锟?

of the off set val ues takes place in two sep a rate off set reg is ters, the nom i nal off set value (ge om e –

try) is not nor mally changed The us age of the off sets in the CNC pro gram is e

does the same think for the Y-axis

1 for G54, 2 angle bending machine for G55, 3 for G56, 4 for G57, 5 for G58, and 6 for G59 Block N103 will take this new value, and mul ti ply it by 20 – re mem ber that 20 is the ar bi trary shift amount for work off set sys tem vari ables In this

case, the shift of 20 is used for G54, 40 machine bending for G55, 60 for G56, 80 for G57, 100 for G58, and 120

for G59 Block N104 will add the num ber of 5201 to the shifted value, and be comes 5221 for G54, 5241 for G55, 5261 for G56, 5281 for G57, 5301 for G58, and 5321 for G59 Block N105 uses the cur rent num ber and changes angle machine it into a gen u ine sys tem vari able num ber, for ex am ple

drilling Machine

5221 will now be #5221, and so on Since the sys tem vari able is on the left, it will writ ten-to, us ing the cur rent ma chine co or di nate for X (still in block N105) Block N106 adds the value of

one, and does the same think for the Y-axis

Note what #[#1] means: take the re turned value of vari able #1 and con vert it to a le git i mate

num ber of a vari able For ex am ple,

#1 = 100

Value of 100 is stored in variable 1

#100 = 12000

Value of 12000 is stored in variable 100

#2 = #[#1]

Definition is equivalent to #2=#100, so value of #2 is also 12000

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The last chap ter listed the sys tem vari ables avail able for com mon – but dif fer ent – Fanuc con trol

mod els It focused to some ex tent on han dling the work off sets, mainly the macro ap pli ca tions of

the stan dard set of G54 to G59 pre pa ra tory com mands In ad di tion to the work offsets, there are

also off sets re lat ing to the cut ting tool and many sys tem vari ables re lated to tool off sets – as an ad –

di tion to the work off sets In fact, there are so many of them, that a sep a rate chap ter is nec es sary

The sub ject of tool off sets and the sys tem vari ables that re late to them, con tin ues the sub ject of

sys tem vari ables dis cussed in the pre vi ous chap ter, but in a dif fer ent spe cific area

on Do not expect to find the group it self listed or oth er wise identified

on Do not ex pect to find the group it self listed or oth er wise iden ti fied, how ever

You have to ac tu ally know the ex act dif fer ences be tween the three groups, and that is the sub ject

briefly re vis ited in this chap ter


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Chapter 11

drilling Machine

Tool Offset Memory Groups

The mem ory reg is ters that store the tool off sets de pend on the model of the con trol, and its type

( mill ing or turn ing) Pro gram mers should al ways know which mem ory type is avail able on each

Fanuc con trol in the ma chine shop There are three groups for the mill ing con trols, and are iden ti –

fied by the cap i tal let ters A, B, and C There are two groups for the turn ing con trols, and are iden –

ti fied by the cap i tal let ters A, and B An ear lier Chap ter 5 dealt with the sub ject of Data Set ting – it de scribed the ap pear ance of each off set group on the con trol dis play cnc equipment screen (CRT) Re view ing the

three main types used for the mill ing con trols (usu ally only one type ap plies to lathes), will help to

con sider them in the con text of the sys tem vari ables used in mac ros

Tool Offset Memory – Type A

This low est level group is also known as the shared off set group It can be rec og nized it by its

sim plic ity There is only a sin gle col umn avail able in the angle shearing machine con trol sys tem to en ter both the tool

length off set val ues and the cut ter ra dius off set val ues That means the tool off set for the length is

stored in the same reg is try area of the con trol as the tool off set for the ra dius If a par tic u lar tool re quires both off sets in the same pro gram, a dis tinc tion be tween them must include dif fer ent off set

num bers The same reg is try area shares both types of off sets For ex am ple:


G43 Z20 H04

Uses tool length offset 04


G01 G41 X500 D34

Uses cutter radius offset 34


On some ma chines, the D-offset can not be used, and the H-offset must be used

Sensitivity of Construction Machinery – Response Speed

If you are young and have enough money, then you will not reject the temptation of a BMW Z4 sports car – light throttle push back feeling, the steering wheel of arbitrary, you feel you and the car has been Straightening Machines integrated , And this is the pleasure of driving.
This kind of pleasure comes, in large part, from the precision and responsiveness of the BMW control system, just as precise and flexible as your fingers.
Construction machinery is the same. I remember a top excavator in the country before the company, when the excavator, the master said, a good digging machine to know the excavator can do, can not do, feeling excavator as part of their body, to do hand, eye To, to the heart, bucket to.

steel punch

The so-called precision, including low-speed stability and micro-mobility, has been discussed yesterday. Today mainly talk about the response speed of construction machinery.
The so-called response speed, that is, from the time you start to manipulate the machine to its response time. The middle of a series of links to the negative control of hydraulic excavator, for example, you open the pilot handle, hydraulic proportional pilot valve open, resulting in pilot Drilling Machine for Plate pressure, the role of the main spool to promote the main spool to overcome the spring force generated spool The stroke and the main valve opening, the work of the oil flow changes, while the median flow also changes, leading to negative flow control pressure changes, leading to changes in the main pump displacement. This series has a series of physical delay links, add up, how fast it can not respond.
Therefore, the positive flow system, one of the advantages is to shorten the chain of information drilling boring machine transmission, improve the corresponding speed.
The response speed is also related to the change in pump displacement time. Pump pumping system (especially the pump control system) is particularly concerned about the main pump variable time, according to the measured, Rexroth 190 pump displacement change time of 300-550ms.
Valve control system response speed and the proportion of the main valve response frequency, but need to remind you, oil pressure and pressure stiffness also has a welding solutions great relationship, so the pump system needs accumulator commutation.
We all know, digging machine “dig” word on the response speed.
Excavation is the acceleration, is picked up, the acceleration is not a large flow rate is the rate of change of flow, in fact, is the main valve opening speed.
Having said that, a little sum up:
Response time is the system response to the input delay, the main impact factors include the pump displacement time, the main valve opening time, oil pressure and pressure stiffness and so on.

Application of Transmission Line State Maintenance Technology

In view of the current development of power industry, the traditional transmission line maintenance technology has been difficult to meet the actual work needs, for the transmission line running state maintenance quality is gradually declining, which has a series of defects and shortcomings seriously affect the sustainable development of the power industry. However, due to the current power production area is not sufficient personnel, coupled with a wide distribution of transmission lines, it is difficult to strictly follow the maintenance requirements of the equipment maintenance and repair work, resulting in a lot of manpower, material High Speed Drilling Machineand financial resources, power quality, serious To the future survival and development of power companies. As a result, the transformation of the transmission line maintenance technology in the past, the application of more advanced condition-based maintenance technology, can effectively improve the quality of transmission line maintenance, enhance the competitiveness of power companies in the market. Therefore, it is very necessary to strengthen the research of transmission line condition-based maintenance technology, which has a certain reference value for follow-up theoretical research and practical work.
1, the need for transmission line condition maintenance
It is necessary for power transmission network to apply the state overhaul technique, and it is an inevitable choice for power grid construction. It is also an important guarantee for power enterprises to modernize and upgrade their market competitiveness. Application of more advanced repair techniques and equipment will improve the quality of transmission line maintenance . State maintenance in practice, combined with the actual situation, can effectively avoid the blindness of traditional maintenance technology, optimize the allocation of human resources, improve the efficiency of electric power enterprises and market competitiveness for enterprises in the fierce competition in the market to occupy a greater advantage .
It can be said that the transmission line condition maintenance in the traditional maintenance technology based on the further integration of advanced network technology, automation and monitoring technology, these technologies are the cause of the healthy and sustainable development of the primary prerequisite, how to more fully use and play transmission The advantages of line condition-based maintenance technology, become the primary work of the current direction. Traditional maintenance technology of transmission line has obvious limitation in time-based maintenance system. Through condition-based maintenance, it can greatly reduce the blindness of transmission CNC beam steel drilling machine line maintenance, further reduce maintenance and maintenance costs, improve capital utilization efficiency and seek more economy. The reliability of transmission line operation is significantly enhanced to reduce the labor intensity, will help the power maintenance personnel will spend more time and energy into the technical aspects of research, and constantly improve and consolidate the knowledge base, improve the professional and technical level, for the power Career development and make greater contributions.
2, transmission line condition maintenance technology application
In addition, the industrial pollution also affects the safe operation of the transmission lines to varying degrees, because the transmission line has a long line and a wide distribution area, and is very vulnerable to the weather environment and the natural disasters. Therefore, in order to monitor the running status of transmission lines in real time, it is necessary to introduce advanced technology and build a more comprehensive real-time monitoring system in order to monitor the operation status of transmission lines in real time.
2.1 Electrical monitoring systems
Monitoring of insulation of transmission lines, including glass, porcelain and other insulation materials detection system; insulator contamination monitoring, mainly for automatic detection system and optical fiber measurement system, such as the establishment and improvement; lightning monitoring, it is the transmission line The focus of the fault area to install automatic tracking system, so that once the lightning accident occurs, to timely and accurately determine the location of transmission line fault, but also can effectively determine the lightning counterattack wire, before causing more losses to take reasonable measures to ensure transmission lines Operation safety; Grounding system monitoring, mainly to build a more comprehensive grounding device measurement system, the transmission line running real-time detection.
2.2 mechanical mechanical monitoring system
Monitoring of wire, the monitoring system for wire dancing, the monitoring system for the wear part of the wire may occur; tower monitoring, mainly for the tower material is rust and corrosion of the monitoring of the internal parts of the tower and bolt appears Loosening detection, tower position and deflection monitoring; monitoring of the foundation operation.
2.3 Environmental Monitoring
Mainly for the transmission line running environmental monitoring, to build a sound monitoring system, the transmission line operation of metal, insulators may interfere with radio interference; natural environment for the safe operation of transmission lines impact monitoring, whether the air contains carbon dioxide Such as dust gas monitoring, may affect the normal operation of the transmission line weather monitoring.
2.4 On-line monitoring of transmission lines
On-line monitoring of transmission lines can mainly use infrared thermometer, telescope and temperature gun to achieve, can also be posted on the transmission line temperature wax film, so that when the transmission line temperature can be more timely and effective transmission to the monitoring system, The pollution of the insulator surface is very easy to appear filthy, these filthy affects the safe operation of the line in different degree, at the same time, it is also caused by the pollution line flashing safety of the transmission line at the same time The main reason for the accident, the fundamental reason is that the pollution on the transmission line with the air in the water under the combined effect, resulting in decreased transmission line insulation, flashover safety incidents, resulting in short-circuit transmission line damage, become the current impact Insulation testing, as the key link of transmission line monitoring, the monitoring object is the transmission line insulators, including composite insulators and porcelain insulators, these insulating materials in varying degrees, the insulation of the transmission line, Which influences the operation safety of transmission lines. Composite insulators play an important role in the insulation and maintenance of transmission lines, and have prominent anti-fouling properties and waterproof properties, which are widely used. Insulation detection of transmission lines should be based on the line running conditions and synthetic insulator around the electric field around the distribution of integrated assessment of the existence of faulty transmission line insulators, transmission line operation.
3, transmission equipment status maintenance work to carry out ideas
3.1 Transmission line condition maintenance principle
Transmission line condition-based maintenance should be combined with the actual situation, adhere to the safety first, the principle of prevention for the existing line damage problems should be resolved in time, the line maintenance needs a comprehensive analysis, select a reasonable solution, the only way to ensure Transmission line maintenance quality, the normal operation of power equipment and lay a solid foundation.
In the practical application of condition-based maintenance technology, it is necessary to detect and analyze the operation of the transmission line. Based on this, the state inspection and maintenance work should be carried out to make full use of the advanced detection technology and monitoring equipment. Only in this way can a more comprehensive and accurate To master the operation of transmission lines, power equipment for the normal operation of laying a solid foundation.
3.2 Transmission equipment condition maintenance strategy
First of all, should improve and perfect the organization. Transmission line maintenance personnel in the work carried out, but also bear a greater responsibility and obligation, is the task of infrastructure construction, in order to better carry out the state of maintenance work, maintenance of transmission line operation steel fabrication safety, should improve the power enterprise leading cadres The transmission line condition monitoring personnel with the actual situation, the distribution of the line insulator voltage and the value of zero to be detected, including the live, including the state of the power system maintenance, Operations and lines of routine monitoring.
Second, the establishment of a new production management model. In order to promote the maintenance and repair of the transmission lines, the operation conditions of the equipment shall be reclassified according to the influence of the natural environment, the pollution level and the equipment rating in accordance with the construction of electric power equipment and infrastructure, and the impact of the external environment shall be comprehensively considered. Personnel on a regular basis to patrol and maintenance of transmission lines, the use of advanced technology means to detect the surrounding environment, real-time understanding of transmission line operation, service life and functional status, whether there is a precursor line accidents.
Finally, to carry out computer management. Mainly the use of advanced information technology for power production management decision-making to help rational planning of dynamic monitoring of transmission lines, and related technical data recorded in the system, help to follow up maintenance work access and analysis. At the same time, it should be noted that, through the computer to other external monitoring equipment to collect the data collected information, storage, to help the subsequent transmission line failure occurs, based on past data analysis and maintenance experience, a reasonable solution Measures to reduce the labor intensity, improve maintenance efficiency.
To sum up, in the fierce market competition, the power enterprises in order to seek long-term development, the introduction of advanced technology and equipment is necessary, the implementation of state-of-the-art transmission line maintenance technology can help determine the line fault location in time, It is important for the long-term development of electric power enterprises to select the feasible solutions and maintain the safe operation of the transmission lines in order to comprehensively consider the maintenance data stored in the system.

Market research: CNC machine tool industry, technical personnel shortage

As a technology-intensive industries, China’s machine tool industry, especially high-end CNC machine tool industry talent seems to have been suffering from ‘anemia’. Solid theoretical knowledge, practical experience, wide range of knowledge, suitable for the technical person in charge of the enterprise or machine tool plant product development of CNC machine tools are particularly sought-after talent. However, the traditional industry talent shortage of frequent embarrassment. The loss of technical personnel, graduates ignore the embarrassment of traditional industries, so that the lack of numerical control machine tools and technical personnel has become increasingly prominent. NC plaque lack of talent With the growing demand for CNC machine tools, numerical control technology in various fields have been widely used, the demand for talent has gradually increased. However, there is a shortage of NC personnel in China drilling tapping machine, and it is urgent to develop a large number of technical personnel from all levels of research and development to maintenance.

\At present, the demand of NC personnel is mainly concentrated in the following enterprises and regions: In this case, 1, state-owned large and medium-sized enterprises, especially the current economic benefits of a better military industrial enterprises and major equipment manufacturing enterprises, military manufacturing industry is the main application of CNC technology object, Hangzhou power plant with a monthly salary of 6,000 yuan less than NC operators . In this case, 2, with the rapid development of the private economy, China’s coastal economically developed areas (such as Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong), NC talent is in short supply, mainly in mold manufacturing enterprises and auto parts manufacturing enterprises. In this case, According to the relevant information, the current foreign CNC machinery and equipment rate has reached more than 85%, while China’s CNC machinery and equipment rate of less than 30% of the machinery manufacturing industry, new technologies, new technology applications, modern manufacturing molds, The industry of the watch industry, the hardware industry, the small and medium manufacturing industry, the computer drawing, the numerical control programming design, the mold design and the manufacture and so on, all broadly touches and uses to the numerical control technology, the talented person demand is really big. In this case, NC operator culture is uneven In this case, NC operator, mostly from the general machining, uneven quality of culture, in the application of CNC equipment, the idea of ​​applying common equipment processing, high-speed CNC cutting machine features, the choice of CNC tool, cutting the lack of scientific parameters , The merits of processing procedures and processing efficiency depends entirely on the level of the quality of operating workers, it can not maximize the processing efficiency of CNC equipment. In this case, Low-end solution to grasp the universal high-end In this case, ‘CNC operators and sweeping the same, there is no technical content.’ ‘This is a mechanical manufacturing enterprises in Chengdu, Zhang Yu, the views of the person in charge. He believes that now graduates of the NC professional students, and some posts with basic operations are not familiar with, and some products out of the defective products, and some high-handed, do not how long it will quit. ‘In fact, this reflects the school personnel training. ‘Chengdu Changzheng NC mechanical and electrical schools Vice President Mr girth welding machine. Wen said that at present the majority of the school NC professional training status quo is heavy heavy basic knowledge training, light high-precision professional development; re-school classroom learning, machine training, light business cooperation site Teaching; emphasis on knowledge to teach light professional ethics training. With a large number of NC students, the low-end jobs in the industry heat slowly cooling, these worries will be further exposed. In this case, ‘NC professional from abroad through the road, a simple CNC operator no future.’ ‘Southwest Jiaotong University Vocational and Technical Institute of CNC professional teacher Mr. Chen said, just as 10 years ago, like the computer professional, then, the school cultivates computer talent is in short supply, and now, the computer has become a general professional, employment and not easy.

From the global CNC industry development direction, the use of ordinary CNC machine tools more and more widely, together with the increasing degree of intelligent CNC machine tools, and gradually with self-diagnosis, adaptive control, logic analysis and judgment functions, in addition to a small amount High-precision manufacturing industry, the system’s intelligence to improve the requirements of the operator but in the lower. In this case, This can be seen, the reality, let CNC machine tool talent ‘anemia’ to alleviate, first of all to completely change the training methods to strengthen cooperation between enterprises and schools, market-oriented, training enterprises need talent, so that skills Talent to learn to use. At the same time, improve the assessment of highly skilled personnel and incentive mechanisms for talent to provide talent to display their talent space. We must not only create a glorious and important social environment for craftsmen and technical elites, but also expand the scope of training of skilled personnel, establish policies and institutional environment to promote the development of skilled personnel CNC busbar bending, and gradually form a training system and incentive mechanism . Source IPM Punch IPM Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. of Dongguan website

Staff in the press prone to accidents Punch damage caused by accidents

Staff in the press prone to accidents Punch damage caused by accidents in the management of the main reasons is the security system is not perfect cnc drill machine, in the following cases prone to accidents. 1) workers without training qualified on the machine operation High Speed Punching Machine. 2) illegal operation punch pipe welding. 3) cast a safety device, or a security device with not, damaged repair. 4) equipment is out of repair.

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