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The life of a punching die depends on a reasonable mold mechanism

The life of the punching die depends on the high accuracy of the mold mechanism. The result of the heat treatment is correct. The key to the correct use of the molds, precision mold parts and the correct use of sanitary and protective equipment is not to note the following:

1 calculation, before use: to penetrate the pure mold sleeve to use, thoroughly clean all parts before installation, the punch is strictly responsible for the guide sleeve and the die of the dirt to check the mold is smooth and good; check the guide sleeve, stamping, die sliding joint part has bumps maybe Glitches, such as the need to gently remove the use of fine stone; large station to adjust the strategy of the punch when installed, sliding in the guide sleeve, the correct positioning lock bolt, must use a special removable tool to lock.

2, on the turntable and punch at the end of mold inspection to ensure the accuracy of coaxial precision turntable.
3, according to the order of installation of the mold to ensure that the mold and punch in the direction of the same special requirements of the turntable more rigid constraints on the direction of the mold loaded wrong, anti-installed.

4 installation is complete, the punch mold should be mold-mounted seat of the lock and tighten the screws after the inspection.

Punches and die 5, punch die wear should be trapped in time to use grinding or rapid expansion of the mold edge wear and tear, wear and tear gauge die stamping quality and die life.

6, the overall production of molds should be an alternative to ensure the production of the necessary production.

7, the installation of stamping die workers should be to prevent damage to the mold, the operation of objects, the installation process using soft metal.

8, in the course of transporting the death gently never touch the wrestle to save the edge and face the damaged mold.

9, the mold should be used in a timely manner to the designated location and oil treatment.

10, punch to ensure the life of the mold should also be routinely die line maintenance naughty die.

11) Please check the role of the spring, the spring so that the extreme spring fatigue, timely adjustment.

12) monthly disassembly of mold, steam (diesel) oil, punch, guide sleeve, the next mold, the white oil to re-assemble, so that punch can guarantee good mold lubrication.

13) Regular use of filling mold, oiling point guide sleeve, oil inlet, punch, guide sleeve contact surface, mold, light oil. Punch the number of oil as raw materials under the conditions of cold-rolled steel, stainless steel, no rust, no standard material, often refueling.