also for the cutter radius

also for the cutter radius:


G43 Z20 H04

Uses tool length offset 04


G01 G41 X50 H34

Uses cutter radius offset 34

drilling Machine


The dif fer ence by 30 off set num bers is strictly op tional, some pro gram mers pre fer 50 It only

sug gests a pos si ble choice that is both suit able and prac ti cal Any other num ber that is con ve nient

is ac cept able, as long as it is within the range of the avail able off set num bers The more off sets are

avail able, the higher in cre ment can be used On the prac ti cal side, de ter mine the in cre ment not

only by the num ber of avail able off sets but also by their prac ti cal na ture For ex am ple, ei ther the

tool length off set or the cut ter ra dius off set may have sev eral val ues for any sin gle tool, in some

ap pli ca tions Which one of them is more likely to have a mul ti ple value in a prac ti cal ap pli ca tion?

Cer tainly the cut ter ra dius off set That means al lo cat ing a larger range of off set num bers for the

ra dius off set than for the tool length off set

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FANUC CNC Custom Macros



Tool Offset Memory – Type B

The next type of the tool off set mem ory type is the Mem ory Type B It is very sim i lar to the

Mem ory Type A, but on the con trol screen ap pears as two col umns, not one There is a sep a ra tion

be tween the Ge om e try Off set and the Wear Off set As in Mem ory Type A, there is no dis tinc tion be tween the tool length off set num ber, and the tool ra dius off set num ber The ben e fit of this mem –

ory type is that a nom i nal off set value (called the ge om e try off set) can punching machine be in put and any ad just –

ments and fine tun ing are done in a sep a rate col umn, called the wear off set Since the 鈥榝ine-tun ing锟?

of the off set val ues takes place in two sep a rate off set reg is ters, the nom i nal off set value (ge om e –

try) is not nor mally changed The us age of the off sets in the CNC pro gram is e

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