Application of Transmission Line State Maintenance Technology

In view of the current development of power industry, the traditional transmission line maintenance technology has been difficult to meet the actual work needs, for the transmission line running state maintenance quality is gradually declining, which has a series of defects and shortcomings seriously affect the sustainable development of the power industry. However, due to the current power production area is not sufficient personnel, coupled with a wide distribution of transmission lines, it is difficult to strictly follow the maintenance requirements of the equipment maintenance and repair work, resulting in a lot of manpower, material High Speed Drilling Machineand financial resources, power quality, serious To the future survival and development of power companies. As a result, the transformation of the transmission line maintenance technology in the past, the application of more advanced condition-based maintenance technology, can effectively improve the quality of transmission line maintenance, enhance the competitiveness of power companies in the market. Therefore, it is very necessary to strengthen the research of transmission line condition-based maintenance technology, which has a certain reference value for follow-up theoretical research and practical work.
1, the need for transmission line condition maintenance
It is necessary for power transmission network to apply the state overhaul technique, and it is an inevitable choice for power grid construction. It is also an important guarantee for power enterprises to modernize and upgrade their market competitiveness. Application of more advanced repair techniques and equipment will improve the quality of transmission line maintenance . State maintenance in practice, combined with the actual situation, can effectively avoid the blindness of traditional maintenance technology, optimize the allocation of human resources, improve the efficiency of electric power enterprises and market competitiveness for enterprises in the fierce competition in the market to occupy a greater advantage .
It can be said that the transmission line condition maintenance in the traditional maintenance technology based on the further integration of advanced network technology, automation and monitoring technology, these technologies are the cause of the healthy and sustainable development of the primary prerequisite, how to more fully use and play transmission The advantages of line condition-based maintenance technology, become the primary work of the current direction. Traditional maintenance technology of transmission line has obvious limitation in time-based maintenance system. Through condition-based maintenance, it can greatly reduce the blindness of transmission CNC beam steel drilling machine line maintenance, further reduce maintenance and maintenance costs, improve capital utilization efficiency and seek more economy. The reliability of transmission line operation is significantly enhanced to reduce the labor intensity, will help the power maintenance personnel will spend more time and energy into the technical aspects of research, and constantly improve and consolidate the knowledge base, improve the professional and technical level, for the power Career development and make greater contributions.
2, transmission line condition maintenance technology application
In addition, the industrial pollution also affects the safe operation of the transmission lines to varying degrees, because the transmission line has a long line and a wide distribution area, and is very vulnerable to the weather environment and the natural disasters. Therefore, in order to monitor the running status of transmission lines in real time, it is necessary to introduce advanced technology and build a more comprehensive real-time monitoring system in order to monitor the operation status of transmission lines in real time.
2.1 Electrical monitoring systems
Monitoring of insulation of transmission lines, including glass, porcelain and other insulation materials detection system; insulator contamination monitoring, mainly for automatic detection system and optical fiber measurement system, such as the establishment and improvement; lightning monitoring, it is the transmission line The focus of the fault area to install automatic tracking system, so that once the lightning accident occurs, to timely and accurately determine the location of transmission line fault, but also can effectively determine the lightning counterattack wire, before causing more losses to take reasonable measures to ensure transmission lines Operation safety; Grounding system monitoring, mainly to build a more comprehensive grounding device measurement system, the transmission line running real-time detection.
2.2 mechanical mechanical monitoring system
Monitoring of wire, the monitoring system for wire dancing, the monitoring system for the wear part of the wire may occur; tower monitoring, mainly for the tower material is rust and corrosion of the monitoring of the internal parts of the tower and bolt appears Loosening detection, tower position and deflection monitoring; monitoring of the foundation operation.
2.3 Environmental Monitoring
Mainly for the transmission line running environmental monitoring, to build a sound monitoring system, the transmission line operation of metal, insulators may interfere with radio interference; natural environment for the safe operation of transmission lines impact monitoring, whether the air contains carbon dioxide Such as dust gas monitoring, may affect the normal operation of the transmission line weather monitoring.
2.4 On-line monitoring of transmission lines
On-line monitoring of transmission lines can mainly use infrared thermometer, telescope and temperature gun to achieve, can also be posted on the transmission line temperature wax film, so that when the transmission line temperature can be more timely and effective transmission to the monitoring system, The pollution of the insulator surface is very easy to appear filthy, these filthy affects the safe operation of the line in different degree, at the same time, it is also caused by the pollution line flashing safety of the transmission line at the same time The main reason for the accident, the fundamental reason is that the pollution on the transmission line with the air in the water under the combined effect, resulting in decreased transmission line insulation, flashover safety incidents, resulting in short-circuit transmission line damage, become the current impact Insulation testing, as the key link of transmission line monitoring, the monitoring object is the transmission line insulators, including composite insulators and porcelain insulators, these insulating materials in varying degrees, the insulation of the transmission line, Which influences the operation safety of transmission lines. Composite insulators play an important role in the insulation and maintenance of transmission lines, and have prominent anti-fouling properties and waterproof properties, which are widely used. Insulation detection of transmission lines should be based on the line running conditions and synthetic insulator around the electric field around the distribution of integrated assessment of the existence of faulty transmission line insulators, transmission line operation.
3, transmission equipment status maintenance work to carry out ideas
3.1 Transmission line condition maintenance principle
Transmission line condition-based maintenance should be combined with the actual situation, adhere to the safety first, the principle of prevention for the existing line damage problems should be resolved in time, the line maintenance needs a comprehensive analysis, select a reasonable solution, the only way to ensure Transmission line maintenance quality, the normal operation of power equipment and lay a solid foundation.
In the practical application of condition-based maintenance technology, it is necessary to detect and analyze the operation of the transmission line. Based on this, the state inspection and maintenance work should be carried out to make full use of the advanced detection technology and monitoring equipment. Only in this way can a more comprehensive and accurate To master the operation of transmission lines, power equipment for the normal operation of laying a solid foundation.
3.2 Transmission equipment condition maintenance strategy
First of all, should improve and perfect the organization. Transmission line maintenance personnel in the work carried out, but also bear a greater responsibility and obligation, is the task of infrastructure construction, in order to better carry out the state of maintenance work, maintenance of transmission line operation steel fabrication safety, should improve the power enterprise leading cadres The transmission line condition monitoring personnel with the actual situation, the distribution of the line insulator voltage and the value of zero to be detected, including the live, including the state of the power system maintenance, Operations and lines of routine monitoring.
Second, the establishment of a new production management model. In order to promote the maintenance and repair of the transmission lines, the operation conditions of the equipment shall be reclassified according to the influence of the natural environment, the pollution level and the equipment rating in accordance with the construction of electric power equipment and infrastructure, and the impact of the external environment shall be comprehensively considered. Personnel on a regular basis to patrol and maintenance of transmission lines, the use of advanced technology means to detect the surrounding environment, real-time understanding of transmission line operation, service life and functional status, whether there is a precursor line accidents.
Finally, to carry out computer management. Mainly the use of advanced information technology for power production management decision-making to help rational planning of dynamic monitoring of transmission lines, and related technical data recorded in the system, help to follow up maintenance work access and analysis. At the same time, it should be noted that, through the computer to other external monitoring equipment to collect the data collected information, storage, to help the subsequent transmission line failure occurs, based on past data analysis and maintenance experience, a reasonable solution Measures to reduce the labor intensity, improve maintenance efficiency.
To sum up, in the fierce market competition, the power enterprises in order to seek long-term development, the introduction of advanced technology and equipment is necessary, the implementation of state-of-the-art transmission line maintenance technology can help determine the line fault location in time, It is important for the long-term development of electric power enterprises to select the feasible solutions and maintain the safe operation of the transmission lines in order to comprehensively consider the maintenance data stored in the system.

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