How to Avoid Punching machine Safety Accident

Punch machine is a high result of a simple, sluggish processing of construction, the press when the security of the production of a wide range of users concerned about the issue, how effective proof of the outbreak of security is to do a good job security system enslavement hub. Punch manufacturers to remind how to guard against the occurrence of punch safety incidents.

1, the mold promotion prevention program

Protective measures against the mold include the creation of protective plates (hoods) and presses around the mold to improve the mold construction. Such as contraction of mold damage area, increase the safety of space; set the mechanical discharge installation, not affect the strength of the mold and the demand for product quality, will always be a variety of manual feeding single process mold to improve safety.
2, the use of hand-safe objects

The use of hand tools may avoid accidents caused by improper mold planning and unexpected damage to the press facilities. More common security workers are: flexible clamp, special clamp, magnetic sucker, tweezers, pliers, hooks and so on.

3, the installation of security guards

In the stamping equipment and molds to set up security devices or picking up the strength of the small, simple and clever use of hand tools, but also the current conditions under the punch press workshop effective measures to stamping the safety of homework. Such as the use of hand tools, mold protective cover, mechanical access device, double button switch, mechanical handle, push hands and hand device, photoelectric active care devices. Stamping equipment, more protective devices, according to the structure is divided into mechanical, push-button, photoelectric, feeling and so on.

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