How to choose high – speed punch machine

How to choose high – speed presses Selection of high – speed presses Speed ​​selection: general punch general red times less than 100 times angle cutter machine, high-speed punch is currently the fastest in-depth want to understand the manufacturers as an analysis of personal grading to see the speed of 1000 times / min, ultra-high speed punch speed of more than 1200 times / Ultra-high-speed products currently only foreign only cnc busbar machine. High-speed punch with three cylindrical column-guided punch system online drill machine, excellent precision and thermal stability, almost no wear and tear under the mandatory lubrication. Precision selection: high-speed precision punch, first of all to ‘precision’, the so-called ‘precision’ mainly reflected in: parallelism, vertical, integrated gap.

High-precision punch for customers to create high-precision side of the product, to win market for customers to create favorable conditions. Appearance structure: fine, reasonable structure is to ensure the accuracy of the premise equipment. At present the market above the punch we see much more, you can feel the rough bed directly to the extent. Manufacturer size strength: the purchase of equipment manufacturers should also consider the scale of strength. Because some parts of the punch is made of special casting, once the manufacturer to stop production, the future maintenance will be made great trouble. After-sales service: the purchase of equipment after-sales service is also considered the focus of long-term use of equipment, will inevitably fail, after-sales service should be considered from three aspects: punch manufacturers reply and maintenance efficiency. Through the above we are about to buy high-speed punch are heart bottom, More questions, I can call the Division to resolve more doubts.

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