Market research: CNC machine tool industry, technical personnel shortage

As a technology-intensive industries, China’s machine tool industry, especially high-end CNC machine tool industry talent seems to have been suffering from ‘anemia’. Solid theoretical knowledge, practical experience, wide range of knowledge, suitable for the technical person in charge of the enterprise or machine tool plant product development of CNC machine tools are particularly sought-after talent. However, the traditional industry talent shortage of frequent embarrassment. The loss of technical personnel, graduates ignore the embarrassment of traditional industries, so that the lack of numerical control machine tools and technical personnel has become increasingly prominent. NC plaque lack of talent With the growing demand for CNC machine tools, numerical control technology in various fields have been widely used, the demand for talent has gradually increased. However, there is a shortage of NC personnel in China drilling tapping machine, and it is urgent to develop a large number of technical personnel from all levels of research and development to maintenance.

\At present, the demand of NC personnel is mainly concentrated in the following enterprises and regions: In this case, 1, state-owned large and medium-sized enterprises, especially the current economic benefits of a better military industrial enterprises and major equipment manufacturing enterprises, military manufacturing industry is the main application of CNC technology object, Hangzhou power plant with a monthly salary of 6,000 yuan less than NC operators . In this case, 2, with the rapid development of the private economy, China’s coastal economically developed areas (such as Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong), NC talent is in short supply, mainly in mold manufacturing enterprises and auto parts manufacturing enterprises. In this case, According to the relevant information, the current foreign CNC machinery and equipment rate has reached more than 85%, while China’s CNC machinery and equipment rate of less than 30% of the machinery manufacturing industry, new technologies, new technology applications, modern manufacturing molds, The industry of the watch industry, the hardware industry, the small and medium manufacturing industry, the computer drawing, the numerical control programming design, the mold design and the manufacture and so on, all broadly touches and uses to the numerical control technology, the talented person demand is really big. In this case, NC operator culture is uneven In this case, NC operator, mostly from the general machining, uneven quality of culture, in the application of CNC equipment, the idea of ​​applying common equipment processing, high-speed CNC cutting machine features, the choice of CNC tool, cutting the lack of scientific parameters , The merits of processing procedures and processing efficiency depends entirely on the level of the quality of operating workers, it can not maximize the processing efficiency of CNC equipment. In this case, Low-end solution to grasp the universal high-end In this case, ‘CNC operators and sweeping the same, there is no technical content.’ ‘This is a mechanical manufacturing enterprises in Chengdu, Zhang Yu, the views of the person in charge. He believes that now graduates of the NC professional students, and some posts with basic operations are not familiar with, and some products out of the defective products, and some high-handed, do not how long it will quit. ‘In fact, this reflects the school personnel training. ‘Chengdu Changzheng NC mechanical and electrical schools Vice President Mr girth welding machine. Wen said that at present the majority of the school NC professional training status quo is heavy heavy basic knowledge training, light high-precision professional development; re-school classroom learning, machine training, light business cooperation site Teaching; emphasis on knowledge to teach light professional ethics training. With a large number of NC students, the low-end jobs in the industry heat slowly cooling, these worries will be further exposed. In this case, ‘NC professional from abroad through the road, a simple CNC operator no future.’ ‘Southwest Jiaotong University Vocational and Technical Institute of CNC professional teacher Mr. Chen said, just as 10 years ago, like the computer professional, then, the school cultivates computer talent is in short supply, and now, the computer has become a general professional, employment and not easy.

From the global CNC industry development direction, the use of ordinary CNC machine tools more and more widely, together with the increasing degree of intelligent CNC machine tools, and gradually with self-diagnosis, adaptive control, logic analysis and judgment functions, in addition to a small amount High-precision manufacturing industry, the system’s intelligence to improve the requirements of the operator but in the lower. In this case, This can be seen, the reality, let CNC machine tool talent ‘anemia’ to alleviate, first of all to completely change the training methods to strengthen cooperation between enterprises and schools, market-oriented, training enterprises need talent, so that skills Talent to learn to use. At the same time, improve the assessment of highly skilled personnel and incentive mechanisms for talent to provide talent to display their talent space. We must not only create a glorious and important social environment for craftsmen and technical elites, but also expand the scope of training of skilled personnel, establish policies and institutional environment to promote the development of skilled personnel CNC busbar bending, and gradually form a training system and incentive mechanism . Source IPM Punch IPM Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. of Dongguan website

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