Pneumatic Press Problem – Cylinder

Pneumatic punch on the cylinder when the failure occurred in the pneumatic punch cylinder surface coating or spraying 3D CNC Drilling Machine. When the pressure punch cylinder with a large area of ​​?? steam leakage, the gap in the 0.50mm or so, in order to reduce the amount of work scratching can be coated with the process. With the pneumatic press cylinder cylinder anode custom drilling machine, coated with a cathode, in the cylinder on the surface of repeated brushing electrolytic solution, the coating thickness to be based on the size of the cylinder joint surface clearance, the coating type according to the cylinder material and repair Scraping the process may be.


Spraying is the use of special high-temperature flame gun metal powder heated to melt or reached plastic state after the jet on the surface of the treated cylinder to form a layer with the required performance coating method. It is characterized by simple equipment, easy to operate coating firm laser cutting machine, after spraying the cylinder temperature is only 70 ℃ -80 ℃ will not cause deformation of the cylinder, but also access to heat, wear and corrosion resistance of the coating. Note that in the Tudu and spraying before the cylinder surface to be polished, degreasing, nap, Tu Tu and spraying after the coating to scratch, to ensure that the combination of pressure punch tight. The method of determining the equilibrium point of the press: 1, the slider stops at the bottom dead center 2, the balancer pressure completely excluded 3, scale set up and zero 4, record the air pressure of the balancer under the scale readings The balance point of the punch: record the relationship between the slider position change and the air pressure of the balancer, and determine the balancer air pressure set value by the change of the punch displacement curve.

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