Pneumatic punching noise maintenance need to do what

Elimination of noise in the workplace Mechanical pneumatic presses commonly used crank slider transmission drilling tapping machine, in order to reduce the gap, the bearings should be required to install, with the appropriate assembly clearance. Due to movement and increase the gap, the bearings can be used at higher viscosity lubricants to increase the damping, air pressure can make the noise reduction. Improve the mold structure Inclined die instead of flat die, the use of knife-edge slope, so that the gradual separation of sheet metal, which delayed the punching time, can play a certain noise reduction effect. The noise reduction is related to the shear angle, and the larger the shear angle is, the longer the punching time is, and the lower the noise level is, the better the shear angle is 8 ° ~ 10 °. Improve the machine structure The series of open-type double-column fixed table presses and series open double-Zhu tilting press to friction clutch.

Pneumatic punching system with multi-purpose transmission gears, pneumatic presses will start gear meshing sound, if the use of helical or herringbone gear drive drilling equipment manufacturers, can basically eliminate this friction noise. As far as possible with or without high-pressure compressed air blowing unloading pieces drill machine buy online, it is recommended to use simple robot or tilting the bed more than 15 °, so that pieces automatically fall into the parts box. Set sound-absorbing, vibration-damping device The pneumatic punch press wheel and its transmission system plus enclosures closed up, can significantly reduce the transmission part of the noise. For high power, high noise motor should also be configured with partial acoustic enclosures or enclosed acoustic enclosures. In the lower part of the pneumatic press slide or outside the mold work area, install protective fence or noise enclosures. If the noise in the mold outside the cover, then paste the inner wall of the sound-absorbing material, noise reduction effect is more significant. Noise of personal protection With protective cotton, cotton, rubber, rubber earplugs, plastic ear plugs to plug the ears to prevent or reduce the noise on the human hearing hazards. Can also wear soundproof earmuffs, you can put the entire helix and outer ear canopy cover, not only sound effects, and no abnormal feeling. If the combination of earplugs and earmuffs, the noise better.

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