Punch industry development trend

If you need to form or block forged link presses, choose a high position. If you want to choose a punch press, press the button to select the punch press. In order to achieve non-cutting shape, the punch function is getting higher and higher. Stamping machinery is the development trend of high precision, high rigidity, the right movement characteristics, intelligent, multi-directional movement, and even the direction of environmental protection. And numerical control system of the development trend of CNC punch presses, according to the need to arbitrarily set the processing method of sliding mode speed movement. 1, Screw CNC punch press research report High-speed CNC hydraulic turret punch research report Hydraulic tower punch research report CNC hydraulic punch press research report Hydraulic CNC turret punch research report More mechanical industry analysis Servo motor using AC servo motor The bottom dead center of the slider is driven by the screw, and the position can be controlled by the data supplied from the position reading means. Therefore, mechanical thermal expansion and elastic deformation does not affect the accuracy of the product, adjust the slider movement of the most suitable and very small units to control the bottom of the dead zone position. Therefore, the punch in the high-precision, high-performance non-cutting forming screw servo presses using torque control of hydraulic motors and energy storage technology applications, the bottom dead position control can reach micron-level, energy saving and environmental requirements of the aircraft.

2, crankshaft servo punch crank and CNC punch press AC servo motor combination. This 0 is a servo motor to replace the clutch brake and flywheel original punch. Of the punch press with a servo can be set by the movement of the slider features, and general mechanical punch torque characteristics. But the energy in the low-speed region is not reduced.

3, the formation of complex dynamic punch is a powerful tool for cutting. Punch in cold forging closed-die forging is an example, by a number of punch, the role of die and time control of the material to achieve the plastic control. The accuracy and formability of the product can be improved, and even the number of working steps can be reduced. Complex dynamic formation can be roughly divided into the use of complex dynamic molding compound forming is divided into two categories: pay attention to the punch in general; multi-species production mold installation easy to use complex dynamic punch forming demolition. Recently in forging, but also sheet metal forming and forging composite forming and the increase in the capacity of the diversification, requiring not only punch with multi-action performance, must have a high versatility. Mechanical Punch 1 The general trend of high-rigidity punch press, the original general-purpose machine punch at the same time the pursuit of high-performance high-precision, high performance, developed a gantry press; link drive mechanism and near the bottom dead and the rod Punch effect is very slow. The connecting rod presses the crankshaft between the driving gear and the two eccentric connecting rods. When the driving gear rotates, the crankshaft will move at a constant speed due to the change of the link angle. Connecting rod and connecting rod linkage mechanism, the compression part of the connection point is small, the overall gap is small. The connecting rod mechanism can realize the high torque capability and the higher punch forming position than the toggle mechanism. Vertical Linkage Punch Drive is the link between the normal toggle mechanism and the vertical link and the fulcrum is a link that allows the machining link to be directly connected to the slider to maintain the vertical state and to be vertically loaded through the vertical connecting rods. 2, the general mechanical punching machine As the baroclinic body in the slider, the slider by the lateral force of the larger, therefore, the transmission method has a higher precision than the ordinary drive, more suitable for high-precision machining. 5 mm above the location of the general toggle-type slider slide lateral force accounted for about 10%, forming force and vertical rod-type punch does not exceed 1%. The punching machine applicable to the middle and lower die of the high, medium and low processing requirements. The drive mode and the drive are almost zero for the side force slider, but the stroke can be done much more than in the higher position, and the bottom dead center does not change much at all. The linkage ensures that the connecting rod maintains a substantially vertical state during operation. Punch The vertical connecting rod punch is used for machining, but in the complex shape of the machining, the first use is to be processed in the latter part of the complex manner. The mobile device can be used in a variety of different types, such as a suction cup or a jaw-type three-dimensional servo multi-station conveyer. There are two basic characteristics of the domestic manufacturers to produce punch presses, which are rigid, including longitudinal stiffness, sliders, hog and elastic elongated workbench, sliders and lateral displacements under lateral stiffness and eccentric load. The movement of the slider, including straightness, verticality, parallelism, the accuracy of the product has a great impact. The accuracy of the product not only with the press, it is material, related mold, lubrication and so on. Considerations. The punch press takes into account the punching factors, the thickness direction accuracy of the product is related to the longitudinal stiffness, with the deviation, bending or parallel to the lateral stiffness characteristics and the motion curve. Therefore, these characteristics are improved, the accuracy of the product is improved, the life of the die is prolonged, and the production stability is improved. According to the forming method, forming speed, production, etc., it is necessary to consider the characteristics of punch press. On the basis of the driving mechanism, the most widely used mechanical punching machine is: the punching process crankshaft punch press and the bottom dead center near the slowest switch punching and the high sliding speed bottom dead center position is slow and have high torque link Type punch capacity.

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