Sensitivity of Construction Machinery – Response Speed

If you are young and have enough money, then you will not reject the temptation of a BMW Z4 sports car – light throttle push back feeling, the steering wheel of arbitrary, you feel you and the car has been Straightening Machines integrated , And this is the pleasure of driving.
This kind of pleasure comes, in large part, from the precision and responsiveness of the BMW control system, just as precise and flexible as your fingers.
Construction machinery is the same. I remember a top excavator in the country before the company, when the excavator, the master said, a good digging machine to know the excavator can do, can not do, feeling excavator as part of their body, to do hand, eye To, to the heart, bucket to.

steel punch

The so-called precision, including low-speed stability and micro-mobility, has been discussed yesterday. Today mainly talk about the response speed of construction machinery.
The so-called response speed, that is, from the time you start to manipulate the machine to its response time. The middle of a series of links to the negative control of hydraulic excavator, for example, you open the pilot handle, hydraulic proportional pilot valve open, resulting in pilot Drilling Machine for Plate pressure, the role of the main spool to promote the main spool to overcome the spring force generated spool The stroke and the main valve opening, the work of the oil flow changes, while the median flow also changes, leading to negative flow control pressure changes, leading to changes in the main pump displacement. This series has a series of physical delay links, add up, how fast it can not respond.
Therefore, the positive flow system, one of the advantages is to shorten the chain of information drilling boring machine transmission, improve the corresponding speed.
The response speed is also related to the change in pump displacement time. Pump pumping system (especially the pump control system) is particularly concerned about the main pump variable time, according to the measured, Rexroth 190 pump displacement change time of 300-550ms.
Valve control system response speed and the proportion of the main valve response frequency, but need to remind you, oil pressure and pressure stiffness also has a welding solutions great relationship, so the pump system needs accumulator commutation.
We all know, digging machine “dig” word on the response speed.
Excavation is the acceleration, is picked up, the acceleration is not a large flow rate is the rate of change of flow, in fact, is the main valve opening speed.
Having said that, a little sum up:
Response time is the system response to the input delay, the main impact factors include the pump displacement time, the main valve opening time, oil pressure and pressure stiffness and so on.

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