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does the same think for the Y-axis

1 for G54, 2 angle bending machine for G55, 3 for G56, 4 for G57, 5 for G58, and 6 for G59 Block N103 will take this new value, and mul ti ply it by 20 – re mem ber that 20 is the ar bi trary shift amount for work off set sys tem vari ables In this

case, the shift of 20 is used for G54, 40 machine bending for G55, 60 for G56, 80 for G57, 100 for G58, and 120

for G59 Block N104 will add the num ber of 5201 to the shifted value, and be comes 5221 for G54, 5241 for G55, 5261 for G56, 5281 for G57, 5301 for G58, and 5321 for G59 Block N105 uses the cur rent num ber and changes angle machine it into a gen u ine sys tem vari able num ber, for ex am ple

drilling Machine

5221 will now be #5221, and so on Since the sys tem vari able is on the left, it will writ ten-to, us ing the cur rent ma chine co or di nate for X (still in block N105) Block N106 adds the value of

one, and does the same think for the Y-axis

Note what #[#1] means: take the re turned value of vari able #1 and con vert it to a le git i mate

num ber of a vari able For ex am ple,

#1 = 100

Value of 100 is stored in variable 1

#100 = 12000

Value of 12000 is stored in variable 100

#2 = #[#1]

Definition is equivalent to #2=#100, so value of #2 is also 12000

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FANUC CNC Custom Macros



The last chap ter listed the sys tem vari ables avail able for com mon – but dif fer ent – Fanuc con trol

mod els It focused to some ex tent on han dling the work off sets, mainly the macro ap pli ca tions of

the stan dard set of G54 to G59 pre pa ra tory com mands In ad di tion to the work offsets, there are

also off sets re lat ing to the cut ting tool and many sys tem vari ables re lated to tool off sets – as an ad –

di tion to the work off sets In fact, there are so many of them, that a sep a rate chap ter is nec es sary

The sub ject of tool off sets and the sys tem vari ables that re late to them, con tin ues the sub ject of

sys tem vari ables dis cussed in the pre vi ous chap ter, but in a dif fer ent spe cific area