What is the role of Clutch Brake in Precision Punching

Precision punch press brake device installed by the role of precision brake press brake by the trachea, brake cylinder, valve chamber, brake piston, brake discs, including precision punching brake cylinder and brake cylinder valve The cavity of the valve disc is connected with the brake piston, the brake cylinder is connected with the brake disc through the spring, and the brake disc is connected with the brake friction disc. One end of the precision punching drive shaft is interposed between the clutch piston and the clutch friction plate through the clutch holder and the other end is interposed between the brake disc and the brake friction disc through the brake cage.

The middle part of the drive shaft is respectively provided with a front spacer, a middle spacer, a back spacer and an unloading sleeve, the front spacer is connected with the brake cage, and the rear spacer is connected with the clutch cage Drilling Machine for Sieve Plate. Punch is equipped with a clutch brake is used for real-time braking on the punch to ensure the safe and accident-prone, the traditional punch used mechanical clutch, noise, high wear and poor manufacturing stability, for this in the precision punch on both With a pneumatic clutch brake, as a professional manufacturer of punch in this detailed solution about the structure and characteristics of pneumatic clutch brake: Precision punching clutch brake using split structure, by the clutch device and brake device composed of two parts.

The precision punch press and clutch device is composed of a clutch cylinder, a clutch cylinder, a valve cavity, a clutch piston and a clutch brake disc. The clutch air pipe is communicated with the valve cavity of the clutch cylinder, and the clutch plate in the valve cavity is crimped onto the clutch piston Marking on Metals, The clutch piston and clutch friction plate crimp, clutch friction plate and precision punch flywheel. Precision Punch Clutch Brake with split structure, the clutch device and brake device is located at the ends of the drive shaft, so the entire precision punch force balance; when both are not through the compressed air, the brake relies on spring force to brake When the precision punch press transmission system is running, the brake cylinder must be ventilated to overcome the spring force to make the brake off, and then the clutch cylinder ventilation, pushing the piston to the precision punching machine Clutch, so as to drive the transmission system, on the contrary, when the air, you must first exhaust the clutch cylinder, the clutch disengaged Drilling Machine for Plate, and then the exhaust brake cylinder, the brake combination. Precision press brake clutch through the valve to promote the piston movement, the movement is very smooth, low operating noise, from the fundamental to ensure the safe and efficient production of stamping.

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